"The creation of television images that are intended to follow a standard of consistency in reproduction requires definition of a reference display, of a controlled viewing environment, and of a set of measurement procedures to enable consistent calibration of both display and environment."

Quote from the introduction to SMPTE ST 2080-3:2017 'Reference Viewing Environment for Evaluation of HDTV Images'

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Award winning world leaders in reference imaging technologies and solutions. Custom home theater consulting, design, equipment sales and installation. High performance calibration services for video displays and multi-channel sound systems. Ideal viewing environment consulting and solutions. Original developers of Ideal-Lume bias lighting.

"Advancing the art and science of electronic imaging."


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G. Alan Brown, President

Now collaborating with ScenicLabs, Inc. to offer even more LED bias light solutions.

We are pleased to offer the MediaLight Bias Lighting System to our customers. Now there are even more options for your unique needs. (Opens in a separate window).


[CinemaQuest, Inc. will endeavor to help former customers of old Ideal-Lume models and related accessories to the best of our ability. For help, please call our office phone or send an email., which are listed near the top of our home page.]

"I still use the previous version [of Ideal-Lume], so I could match it against the new LED versions and I like them so much better, especially the slider control, which makes it a lot easier to adjust without trying to get back behind the monitor set-up.

I've posted about your products several times on Facebook and on forums over the years, always advocating for the use of bias lights in general and your product specifically. This is a must have for professional colorists and anyone aspiring to deliver a great grade. You need a great monitor, great eyes AND a great environment. Your product is a big part of that third leg.

Also, I like the light weight and I also feel a little less like this new product would get damaged or degrade."
Stephen Hullfish, Colorist and author

"Overall, we found that the Pro LED to be incredibly consistent with its luminance output even when dimmed very low. I would venture to say this is the most stable LED light I have ever seen. We demoed the Pro LED for our colorist and he was very impressed with its performance and thought it was the cleanest bias lighting has seen."
Carbon VFX

"We find this equipment to produce exceptional video performance."
Joe Kane Productions

"Every direct view or rear-projection home theater should have one.
Highly recommended."
Dr. Raymond Soneira, DisplayMate Technologies

"We are using the Ideal-Lume in each of our edit, compression and QC rooms with great results. The feedback I'm getting is that eye strain has been greatly reduced. The rooms also look great since they've been installed.

We recently moved to a new facility and were able to design the production department from the ground up. I wanted backlighting with the proper color temperature for each room and was given your website from a friend of mine over at Fox Studios. Your website and the documentation that shipped with the units were very informative and well written. The fact that your product was endorsed by Joe Kane and Perfect Vision also made my initial purchase decision much easier.

I ordered two more today because I ended up initially forgetting one room and we are also in the process of installing an additional edit bay.

Thank you for the inquiry and a well built product."


Jeff Lewis
Vice President of Production
Image Entertainment

"I've been a fan of your products for a long time. I'm a colorist mainly working on shows for all the discovery channel networks, national geographic, pbs and others. Prior to starting my own business I was introduced to your products at a previous place that I worked. In my business accuracy is paramount and the Ideal Lume Pro seemed like a no brainer for a new suite I'm building as a monitor surround. I'll be sure to mention your great products to other colleagues. I'm also an author having written 6 books on postproduction and I also regularly do online training with companies like Lynda.com and CreativeCow, so in my next titles I'll be sure to mention how awesome the Ideal Lume Products are.


Robbie Carman
VP & Colorist
Amigo Media LLC