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AV Science - This site is for Home Theater Lovers everywhere but especially the more technologically astute!

DisplayMate Technologies - A world wide imaging industry leader, devoted exclusively to video testing, evaluation and optimization.

Home Theater Forum - An excellent home theater information source.

Imaging Science Foundation - The ISF is dedicated to improving the quality of electronic imaging.

ISFTV - Imaging expert and author, Kevin Miller's, web site: offering a variety of imaging articles, product reviews and related resources.

Joe Kane Productions - Helpful information from video expert, Joe Kane.

Lion A/V - Industry leading consultants and world class touring display calibration services.

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity - The world's first home theater audio/video magazine to be published only in electronic format on the Internet, available since 1994.  An often-referenced resource for wonderful technical articles and equipment reviews.

The ISF Forum - The largest listing of independent ISF calibrators on the internet!

Wide Screen Review - A wonderfully comprehensive site dedicated to enjoying the best that home theater has to offer.